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In loving memory of Cassidy Oshun

A bunch of random photos from the past year or so...

Happy New Year, 2010!  (please send photos if you were at our show at The Union Station)

Our trip to Hollywood December 2009 (if anyone has photos of the show at the Dragonfly, please send them)

Mark gets attacked by a police dog... again  (November 2009)

Meet "The Greeters" ...Our Halloween Show at Joe's Grotto October 31st, 2009

Sleeping arrangements at The Mainline Bar & Grill in Downer MN (Sept '09)

The Annual 4th of July Party at Larry Pierce's in Indiana (2009)

Larry Pierce and -itis in New York City, November 2007

Larry Pierce & -itis at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX in March 2007

Misc. photos from late '06 / early '07

Larry Pierce on Howard Stern Jan 9 '07 / Larry Pierce in Colorado Springs '06

-itis' return to Denver July 2006 after the break, (also Will's birthday) 

-itis' drummers, January & February 2007 in Minnesota.

-itis' first show at The Viper Room in Hollywood with Warner Drive, Jan 13, 2007.

-itis' Halloween 2006, the only pop death metal cover band in the world!

-itis in Jamaica 2006 with Larry Pierce, 16 pages.

Mark's brother, Phil Rodio (1958-2006).

Mark at an Olympic Hockey game in Torino, Italy, February, 2006.

Craig meets Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen/Freak Guitar in CA, January, 2006.

Larry Pierce in Denver, December 3, 2005.

-itis as Motley Jew, Halloween 2005, the Main Event, Fridley, MN.

-itis in Las Vegas at the Double Down Saloon, October 9, 2005.

pictures taken in Iraq by Master Sgt. Jim Miller.

An article that mentions -itis in a 2005 issue of Guitar One Magazine.

Check out what Jordan shouldn't have been doing in school.

-itis on motorcycles.

Larry Pierce live in Colorado (July 2005).

misc. photos (mid 2005).

4th of July party with Larry Pierce (2005).

Larry Pierce live in Minnesota (April 2005).

Spit & Muffin get married (April 2005).

Kids' Show at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix, May 15, 2005.

How to overcome masturbation, according to the Mormons.

Easter 2005 at the -itis house.

Misc. photos posted March 2005.

-itis in Jamaica!  Eating Under the Table Tour 2005.

The Larry Pierce Show!  January 22nd, 2005.

A trip to Fargo, ND, February, 2005.

Misc. photos posted February 2005.


CJ's Birthday Party at the Iliff Park Saloon, Aurora, CO, December 18th, 2004.

Our first Kids' Show at Eck's Saloon in Lakewood, CO, November 14th, 2004.

Kids' Show, Union Station in Colorado Springs, CO, November 7th, 2004.

VIDEO of Mark getting attacked by a K-9 Police Dog.

Press clippings from a Colorado Springs newspaper, Oct & Nov 2004.

Halloween 2004, a homosexual tribute to KISS (5 pages).

KIDS' SHOW, Fridley, MN, Halloween 2004. 

KIDS' SHOW, Brainerd, MN, Oct. 24, 2004. 

The Larry Pierce pages (6 of 'em).


White Mike performing baptisms onstage at Eck's Saloon.

The Fag Four, a homosexual tribute to the Beatles, Halloween show 2003.

Halloween at the Main Event, Fridley, MN 2003.

Joe's Grotto kids' show, June 6th, 2004.  (photos by T.J.)

Misc. photos from 2003/2004, page 1.

Misc. photos from 2003/2004, page 2.

Misc. photos from 2003/2004, page 3.

The Lizard King page.

the old classic -itis napkins (requested from our previous front page)

-itis' first Kids' Show in Brainerd, MN, Jan. 25, 2004. (3 pages)

-itis Kids' Show at the Gardens, Jan. 4, 2004.

-itis records a "Greatest Hits" CD in Las Vegas, NV at Embryo Records' Studio.

Amsterdam 2003...-itis & Dirtnap go to the Holy Land.

-Tom's personal page has some pictures, finally.

  -check out our friend, Nick, on his 21st birthday at the Gardens.

  -TJ donates his hair to the "Locks for Love" Foundation. 

  -Dale, our 2nd mullet victim...2 pages.

  -Ducky gets his mullet removed at an -itis show, 3 pages.

  -itis KIDS' SHOW, Gardens, Jan. 5, 2003, 3 pages.

  -itis KIDS' SHOW, Gardens, Dec. 30, 2001, 5 pages.

  -itis KIDS' SHOW, Gardens, Sept. 2001.

  -itis KIDS' SHOW, Gardens, July 16th, 2000.

  general photos in 2001.

  general photos of Amsterdam '99.

  a collage of our closest friends in Switzerland...

-itis with Joe & Jim (of Joe's Grotto) in Amsterdam '99.

the Coffeehouses of Amsterdam.

the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

RAP wit a "C" starring White Mike, Cryin' Craig, & Pick-Pocket Polo.

-itis at Mt. Rushmore.

A collage of many of our friends.

Another collage of more of our friends.

 Addicted to -itis.

A penetrating look at the infamous b-day party in Phoenix '98.

 -itis in Europe '98.

There once was a drummer named Larry! (happy birthday).

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