Uh...hey, I'm Mark (singer boy)....I hail from the burbs of Chicago and I like long walks on the beach, puppies, intimate talks and soft hits of the seventies played at a comfortable volume while watching the sun set over the horizon.

Oh wait...I thought this was cyber-date, sorry.


This is the singer farm where the band picked me,  

as you can see I was the last one left in the row of singers so they had no choice.

Back there behind me there's a band in the drummer section searching aimlessly.....no drummers were ripe yet.


Of course I shave my nads! How dare you insult me! 



Yep, I love Da Bulls!

Six Time Champs baby, can you say...uh...uh  Best Team Ever !!! I knew that you could...

Two three-peats, seventy-two and ten, The list goes on and on and on.....

This is Jordan's actual jersey....signed and everything.

Our friend, James Shelton, let me wear it for a couple seconds.

It was like huge ...really , really HUGE!



The moment of victory! #6

Mikey had a camera ready at the Minot Band house, Can you get a little happier?

Please come back.....please play, like soon, this really sucks! The Bears blow and Hockey's....

...ok , I mean its cool but I dig you guys. C'mon , I'd do it for you......Really!










Uh...if it rocks....I'm into it, 'cause.... I rock!




This is in front of these really cool Castles in Sion Switzerland...

((suit provided by Russian's for a Naked World)




This is the other Castle

(hat & sock provided by Craig of  Thriftstoria)



Where would I be if I weren't rocking?




Where I first began to ROCK!

(has anyone seen my beepah?)

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