Philip James Rodio

(a message from Mark)
On March 22, 2006 my brother Phil died from complications due to a massive heart attack.
My Mother and one of my Sisters were with him and his family as he was removed from life
support that afternoon. The rest of my family and I made our way to his home in Tennessee
where, according to his wishes, we had a memorial party. We told stories, toasted to his life,
laughed and cried, then spread his ashes over the Great Smokey Mountains.  I want to thank
everyone for all the calls, emails, voice mails, texts, cards, letters, tears, donations, love and
support that was sent to my family and I during these past few months.

If a man's worth is determined by the number of people that miss him when he's
gone, then he was one of the richest men to ever have lived.  Miss you, Bro.

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